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Kingsway Institute has written agreements with each education agent it engages in recruiting students on its behalf.

A student may still choose to apply using an agent not registered with Kingsway and Kingsway will accept this application.


Kingsway Institute take all reasonable measures to use education agents that have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian international education industry and comply with the Australian International Education and Training Agent Code of Ethics.

While initial screening is done with a new partner, it is essential in a long term partner relationship to continue monitoring and maintaining the initial standards that have been established.

Kingsway Institute also takes an approach to reduce the risk to students by limiting the number of services a third party agent can do or provide a student on Kingsway behalf.

What do normally agent do?

Kingsway uses education agents to promote our courses to potential students. This will involve providing pre-enrolment information and assisting a student complete an application.

However, only Kingsway will be responsible for issuing a complete Letter of Offer to a prospective student that will outline and allow access to complete pre-enrolment information that will negate any risk for misinformation to the student before enrolment. i.e. agents are not relied upon as the sole source of pre-enrolment information.

Our current or future partners can be monitored this way

Kingsway Institute monitors the activities of its education agents and takes action, including terminating the agreement, when the education agent does not fulfil its responsibilities.

Monitoring will be conducted regularly every twelve months - either regular face-to-face meetings with agents onshore or offshore or telephone/teleconference meetings. Monitoring processes, which must allow providers to evaluate the activities of the education agent, may include one or more of the following:

  1. Agreed Targets:
  • Review the number of enrolled students
  • Review the number of succeeded students
  1. Conversion Rate:
  • The number of approved students transitioning from application to offer conversion rate as evidenced by the issuance of a CoE
  1. Course applications:
  • The effort being made to reach a wider audience and demonstrate that course selection is based on student need and English language outcome as a priority
  • evaluation of the quality of applications and the application documents sent by the agent
  1. Communication:
  • Assessment of education agency staff communication with students and prospective students about accuracy and providing a friendly service
  • Assessment of agency staff communication with relevant College staff
  • Any complaints about the education agency or the College are dealt with in a timely and respectful manner
  1. Organisational or operational changes that impact on recruitment:
  • Review any changes within the education agent’s organisation and operations and how it may have impacted on the recruitment of students for the College
  • Review any changes to administrative processes internal to the College that may have impacted on the education agent’s ability to recruit students for the College effectively
  • Review any changes to marketing materials or course information that impacts on the recruitment activities of the education agent
  1. Compliance:
  • Identification of the number of students from the education agent that are high risk and currently undergoing intervention
  • Identification of the number of students from the education agent that have been terminated for breach of student visa conditions
  • Rate of student transfer that may be due to avoid reporting on PRISMS for breaches to student visa conditions
  • Any unethical practices of the education agent that come to the attention of the College where the integrity of Australian education has been compromised
  1. Other areas:
  • Ensure the education agents practices are aligned with the obligations as stated in the Agent’s Agreement
  • Review future course schedules and student capacity
  • Any other area of concern that is raised
  • Any other opportunities to develop in the future

Maintaining details on PRISMS

Kingsway is responsible for entering and maintaining features on PRISMS of currently contracted education agents.



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