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    * Credibility - NEAS and TEQSA accredited
    * Experience - proven success in Australian Education
    * Quality programs and staff - GE, EAP, IELTS Preparation courses
    * Location - in Sydney CBD, near Town Hall
    * Wide range of direct entry pathways/packages with leading Australian
      universities, higher education institutions, TAFE and vocational colleges
    * Excellent mix of nationalities
    * Friendly staff and fun environment
    * Best value in Sydney
  • We specialise in English language teaching.
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Carefully-designed courses for all types of students - General English, IELTS Preparation and English for Academic Purposes.


General English



This course is designed for you to study English language for everyday use.



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IELTS Preparation


The IELTS Preparation course is designed for you to reach your required IELTS score.



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English for Academic Purposes



This course prepares you to study in Australian universities, higher education and other vocational institutions.



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KINGSWAY Direct pathway programs.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Because there are many happy others

To Boost Your Career Prospects

At Kingsway, we offer you English language programs that get you started on your career path, whether it’s vocational study, a degree or diploma, to get a better job, or just for your own personal improvement.

To Meet Students From Other Countries

We have students from 25 nations across the globe enrol at Kingsway every year.

To Live In A Great City

Sydney tops the world in rankings of quality of life and environment,* and it is rated as the 4th best city in the world for students, for its great student mix, high employer recruitment activity and overall quality of life.**

* Cities of Opportunity Study, Price Waterhouse Coopers (2014), ** QS Best Student Cities 2015, Quacquarelli Symonds (2014)

For Intensive Study

Kingsway classes are full-time and immersive. You have 20 hours of study a week, giving you a good opportunity to learn and practice, whether it’s for 4 weeks or 40 weeks.

To Study In An English-Speaking Environment

In every class, all teaching is provided in English, and students are encouraged to to only use English during class time. Studying here, you build up your English knowledge through solid practice based on modern teaching methods. This ensures your English will improve naturally and quickly.

For Flexible, Easy Enrolment

You can start your General English or IELTS Preparation course any Monday throughout the year. EAP courses have enrolments every 5 weeks, so talk to us or consult your education agency for more details.

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Well equipped classrooms

Learning is easy!
  • LED TV in each classroom
  • Connected to PC
  • Internet speed of 1Gb/s
  • All resources on the network
  • Netflix movies
  • Windows with day light


Our Happy Customers

I've experienced so much at Kingsway. All of the teachers at Kingsway are very kind. I love Kingsway. 

Thitaree LERDSUKITSIRIKUN, General English

My time at Kingsway was the best. 

The teachers are very friendly. 

Patsarat SUNGSIRI, General English

First of all l want to appreciate everything that I was able to learn from Kingsway Institute. The teachers are highly trained, the classes are good and the environment in the classroom is awesome. I will miss Kingsway but I will take good memories with me. 

Pablo Ilich DAMES MONTENEGRO, General English

My experience at Kingsway Institute was very gratifying. I am really grateful for the great methodology that the school integrates. I thank all the teachers who helped me achieve my goals in learning a new language, within a polite atmosphere and even fun environment from time to time. I really recommend this school. I love the Kingsway family. 

Thallita DA COSTA BEZERRA, General English

I don't want to finish because I like Kingsway Institute. I have goods friends and teachers. I learned a lot. Thank you Kingsway Institute. Good job.

Usa ONSUWAN, General English

I suggest another person for study here at Kingsway Institute, because not only for the knowledge but more than that, the experience with other international students. I know more now in terms of grammar and have improved my reading and speaking as well. 

Tuangporn PETCHABOON, General English

As a new student at Kingsway Institute, I had an amazing time studying here with some of the friendliest teachers. On that notion, whilst studying here, I have gained new friends which overall made me the happy person I am today. 

Sukit BOONYAWATTANALERK, General English

I really liked studing at Kingsway Institute, there are good teachers and I was able to make new friends from another country, which is great in improving my English. 

Wanda CHENANTA, General English

I have experienced and gained alot of knowledge from Kingsway Institute, not only from the teachers but also my friends. I'm also appreciative of that and thank you so much for everything. I'll miss you all. 

Thanakorn Tayjiraborn, General English

Thank you for teaching me all about English skills. I like learning here. I'm very happy. I enjoy.

Niyaporn CHOTIBOON, General English


Junhee KIM, General English

I am very satisfied with the school, I was able to expand my knowledge in English and was helpful when I undertook my IELTS testing. I loved all the good experiences 

Pece DAMCHEVSKI, General English

Thank you Kingsway Institute. I have made so many friends from different countries. Thank you Mr. Gareth and Mrs. Ingrid for teaching me so many new things. I'm going to miss you so much. 

Angela SALIM, General English

I had a good time with the fellas here, we had fun times together learning about the English language encompassing a range of writing skills, how to speak clearly and also how to mingle with new friends from overseas. We have shared some good fun together. 

Josafat Octavian PERDANA, General English

During my course at Kingsway Institute, I've made new friends and met good teachers. I think the most important fact is that I have improved my English. My favourite teacher is Ingrid and Alex. I'm going to miss those teachers the most and my friends too. Kingsway is the best. 

Yoga Irwanda BAMBANG, General English

My teacher is friendly, all the teachers are good. I love Rei. Thank you for everything. 

Parunee LEKPRAYOON, General English

My time and Kingsway was the best I've had learning English. My teachers were amazing people, always trying their best to make lessons fun and interesting. I met amazing people and friends for life. 

Camila Tatiana MOLANO GONZALEZ, General English

I like the way of teaching at Kingsway Institute because I can really understand the explanations and also feel good within the classroom environment. All my classmates are friendly and helpful as well. 

Moshe Dayan LIE, General English

It was a great time studying with fantastic teachers and classmates! Thankyou Kingsway! 

Minh Thuy TRAN , General English

It was an amazing experience and opportunity to learn English and feel a sense of cultural exchange with other students. Thankyou so much to the teachers who helped me to improve my English Skills and to everyone else I met along the way. 

Mateo Trivino, General English

Everything was great, especially my teacher James. He's always patient. Gareth and Anika helped me alot, they are the sweetest and kindest teachers. Thankyou all for everything. 

Luhua Luo, General English

This is an incredible place to learn English, because of all the friendly teachers. I thankyou my teachers for the oustanding education I received in the 10 week course. 

Kenny SUSANTO, General English

Everybody my name is Kadek, If you want to study English come to Kingsway Institute, the teachers are very friendly and good. I studied listening, speaking, writing and reading. 

Kadek Gunawan Pramana DHIPUTRA, General English

Everybody if you want to study English, you can come to Kingsway Institute. Because the teachers are very good and friendly. Besides that the friends I've made are very good. Thanks for everything Kingsway Institute. 

I Wayan Roy PRASETYA, General English

Awsome institute combined with awsome teachers... this really is the best place to improve your english and experience the art of studying. I am really confident with my english. Thankyou Kingsway teachers Elly, Luke and Matthew, you guys are AWSOME !

I Wayan Harry Aksara YASA, General English

I'm happy about what I've learnt here! Especially with the teachers! I think this school is the best. 

Caio Felipe MUNHOZ, General English

Everything that I have achieved now, is from all the teachers' guidance. They mean the world to be because of everything they've taught me. So may God reward all of you guys. Thank you for being the best teachers during my 5 month course. 

Anny Agustina, General English

l really enjoyed studying at Kingsway Institute, l love my teachers, l love my classmates. This school gave me so much in terms of social opportunities. l can now speak English because of this school. We had funny classes comprised of games, international food day and some excursions. We also studied pretty, l can recommend this school. l was happy here. Thanks smiley

Veronika RYCHTARECHOVA, General English

I was happy at Kingsway Institute. It was an amazing experience. Kingsway Institute has the best teachers and facilities. I recommend all of you guys to study at Kingsway Institute. 

Gede Suteja PUTRA, General English

Thank you for everything in here, l will come back later. 

Harit NAONAI, General English

l enjoyed this English course, here the teachers are very good and there was a friendly atmosphere. 

Diana Almut CIENCIALOVA, General English

l'm grateful to have studies at Kingsway Institute, because l feel like my English has gotten better and better. So thank you to all the great teachers and well-organised courses. l'm satisfied with my overall score which l got from last test week. l really appreciate everything. 

Inseong OH, General English


Junhee KIM, General English

Thank you very much to the teachers, that helped me understand English like never before. l have improved my English and have had a good time with friends and teachers. We have exchanged in terms of international food. l've realised that l learnt so much at Kingsway! 

Nolaphan KOMONSINGHA, General English

Thank you for teaching me all about English skills. I like learning here. l'm very happy. l enjoy. 

Niyaporn CHOTIBOON, General English

l had a very useful time at Kingsway Institute and also had a lot of fun. I was able to expand my knowledge in English and the English culture hence in Australia altogether. The teachers here are very helpful and wants to help as much as they can. Overall Kingsway Institute offers a very good experience and is a good school. 

Pece ATANASOVSKI, General English

l have experienced and gained a lot of knowledge from Kingsway Institute, not only from the teachers but also my friends. l'm so appreciative of that and thank you so much for everything. l'll miss you all. 

Thanakorn Tayjiraborn, General English

Thank you for teaching me, l hope that l will be back as soon as possible. The teachers are very professional. 

Tomas CIENCIALA, General English

Thank you Kingsway Institute, because of you I have improved my English. Thanks a lot to the great teachers especially, Gareth and Anika who have been so helpful and kind. But also my class mates and the Kingsway Institute staff for treating me so nicely. l'm sad because I will be leaving so in saying that l will miss you guys!! laugh

VENNY, General English

I really liked studying at Kingsway Institute, there are good teachers and I was able to make new friends from another country, which is great in improving my English. 

Wanda CHENANTA, General English

Teachers at Kingsway Institute helped me alot to improve my English Skills. My favourite teacher is Gareth and Ingrid. Thankyou for all the great experiences and helping me improve me English skills. 

Warittha NOODEE, General English

Everybody if you want to study English, you can come to Kingsway Institute. Because the teachers are very good and friendly. Besides that the friends I've made are very good. Thanks for everything Kingsway Institute. 

I Wayan Roy PRASETYA, General English

I had a good time. I love all the teachers and I will miss them. I love Kingsway. 

Agustina KHOERNIA, General English

I had a good time. I love all the teachers and I will miss them. I love Kingsway. 

Nonthachai PHONGSRI, General English

It was a great pleasure to study at language school like Kingsway Institute. I really appreciate their hard work and wish them good luck and more success!

Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal Khan, English for Academic Purposes

I loved it here. I had such a good experience. Teachers are good people here. 

Kulwadee POGAEW, General English

It was a really great experiance studying at Kingsway. 

Jenny Johanna GUTIERREZ MESA , General English

It was a really great experience studying at Kingsway. The teachers are really supportive and inspirational.Kingsway Institute definitely helped me to improve my academic skills and I will really miss my teachers and classmates.

Ichchha THAPA, IELTS Preparation

First of all, I would like to thank all teachers and staff for everything such as support. I finished the General English course - Upper Intermediate level. Studying here was extremly important for my English improvement. I am grateful.

Daniel Augusto SANTOS DOS SANTOS, General English

Main thing I learned here was to build up my confidencefor further studies.

Avishek Jung THAPA, IELTS Preparation

Excellent quality of education! I am recommending Kingsway to all of my friends who need to improve their English.

Anna Solovyeva, IELTS Preparation

Yes, this was really great experiance! Go Kingsway go!

Musa Raza, English for Academic Purposes

I had a great time here in Kingsway. My teachers were good and I am able to see how my English improved. I made a lot of friends and always felt happy when going to school. Thanks Kingsway!

Sunisa Niwprasith, English for Academic Purposes

This school is fantastic! I really enjoyed my course at Kingsway Institute. I took my English class only for two weeks but I improved in all parts: writing, listening and speaking. If I came back to Sydney I would choose Kingsway Institute again.


Marianna Tomanova, General English

I chose to study at Kingsway Institute for the reason of improving my English level. This I have achieved and I am really happy with the result. Teachers and all the staff at Kingsway were kind and their services were a really high standard.


Jose Javier Gomez Diaz, IELTS Preparation

Upper Intermediate General English course was great at Kingsway Institute!


Antonio Suklovski, General English

I had had a very good experience in this institute. Teachers were very good and friendly and I have learned so much. I was attending EAP and IELTS class as well. 

Treja Pradhan, English for Academic Purposes

It was great here! I really enjoyed my study at Kingsway. My teachers helped me with any difficulty and they are also so attentive. They have good teaching skills. The school have everything a student needs when studying. There are omputers, good books and all teachers are native speakers which means that students are learning Australian accent. Thanks Kingsway, I realized a big improvement in my English.

Antonio De Oliveira, General English & IELTS Preparation

I am from Thailand and I came here with no English language 6  months ago. I am very happy with some of my teacher who I would like to wish best of luck. Namely than, to Gareth, to Anika and to James. 

Piyaphat, General English

I had a great time here in Kingsway! The teachers and all the staff members were very friendly and professional. I was able to see how my English was improving day by day. I made a lot of friends here and I feel very happy that I was part of his school.

Aneta Sugareva, General English & IELTS Preparation

I have learned a lot from the course and I am absolutely sure that I can apply  everything I have learned in this course. Kingsway is a nice Institute to learn English language and meet new people. Teachers are amazing and really friendly.

Nicky Wiranito, General English

I really enjoyed time here at Kingsway! I have studied here almost one year. What I really find great was that Kingsway helped me to build up a lot of new friendships from students who studied with me. Also, I found teachers lovely. They were helping me from the day 1 until the last day of my studies. Thank you Kingsway! 

Ondrej HOLEVA, General English & IELTS Preparation

I really liked and enjoyed studying at Kingsway. It is a nice institute to learn  English and meet people. Teachers are amazing and really friendly. 

Sami NAVARRO, General English & IELTS Preparation

I loved studying at Kingsway Institute. When I came to Kingsway I had only a beginner English skills. I started in General English class and continued in an IELTS Preparation later. I achieved Upper-Intermediate level which I am very happy about. My teachers were very good and they helped me a lot. I am happy to recommend Kignsway Institute to anyone who wishes to learn and improve their English language!

Eva TRUBACOVA, General English & IELTS Preparation

Learning the English language at Kingsway Institute was a great experience. It enhanced my skills that will help me in the coming future. 


I started in the Upper - Intermediate class and finished in the IELTS Preparation class. I appreciate the effort of our teachers, who helped us to overcome the difficulties with the English language. It is great to see, how is your English improving every day and how you can become confident after finishing your course. Thank you Kingsway Institute! 

KLARA KALINOVA, General English & IELTS Preparation

It has been an amazing experience, improving my English skills at KW. Teachers at Kingsway are very professional, and always come up with fun ways to teach English. Teachers are very good at identifying individual needs, and make every effort to help you improve in the area where you lack skills. It has helped me to achieve an overall score of 77 in PTE.

Ali Shahbaz, English for Academic Purposes

The EAP is essential for Uni it is educational and worth doing it.

NIKOLA VELJANOVSKI, English for Academic Purposes

Kingsway is good place, have good students, have good location near Town Hall train station and it is also near park. There are many markets and restaurant in the area. Administration people are very nice and very quick for document processes, the teachers are good too.


I have really enjoyed studying English language and IELTS Preparation at Kingsway Institute. I would certainly recommend studying GE and IELTS Prep courses to other students.

MICHAL HORAK, General English and IELTS Preparation

"I chose Kingsway because I wanted to learn English for my future work in the hospitality industry. The General English course was very useful and I believe I achieved my goal. I will now be able to work in any country and use the English language. I recommend Kingsway to anyone who needs to start or improve their English language skills."

JAKUB POKORNY, General English

"The IELTS test preparation course at Kingsway Institute was a necessary starting point for me to be able to understand the IELTS test system, learn skills to manage time pressures of the test as well as gain knowledge needed to achieve a 6.5 score result. I have managed to get 7.0!!! Kingsway helped me a lot and I am happy to say that I can recommend them."


"I studied English for Academic Purposes at Kingsway because I had to have the proper level of English language knowledge to be able to study at University. The teachers at Kingsway picked up my weaknesses and gave me a lot of support to improve in academic skills. I feel I am ready to start my degree with confidence."

TEA KWON YOU, English for Academic Purposes

Kingsway Facts and Figures

General English

Kingsway is mostly popular for General English courses. 5 Levels- Pre-Elementary to Upper Intermediate, Morning and Evening sessions.

English for Academic Purposes

We are proud of our EAP course as we have students continuing their studies, through our Direct Pathway Entry scheme, with many Vocational and Higher Education providers.

IELTS Preparation

The Kingsway IELTS Preparation course has helped many students to pursue their future careers both in and outside of Australia.

Package Courses

More than 50% of our students continue their studies with our Partner providers, either with vocational and higher educational providers or with universities.

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